Adult chat backdoor

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There are some exemptions, such as circumventing copy protection of programs that are in an obsolete format for the purpose of archiving or preservation. Prior to this act, copyright violations were generally treated as civil matters and could not be prosecuted criminally unless it was done for commercial purposes.So, unless someone has proof of a connection that should have established peer-to-peer and instead the call itself was routed through MS's servers TURN style....then can we ALL please stop repeating this obnoxious rumor about MS eavesdropping on all Skype calls. I think you are missing the point - the article proves (unless the author is flat out lying) that text chat through skype, which is claimed to be end-to-end encrypted, is not, as requests are being made to the URL.In this article, we'll take a look at some of the existing laws and some of the pending legislation that can influence how we use our computers and the Internet.Nothing in this article should be construed as legal advice; this is merely an overview of some of the legislation that's out there, how it has been interpreted by the courts (if applicable), and possible implications for computer users.