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Public Class testing Dim bm As Binding Manager Base Dim dt As Data Table Dim dr As Data Row Private Sub testing_Load(sender As Object, e As Event Args) Handles My Base. Click Dim a As Integer Dim max As Integer a = 0 Ole Db Data Adapter1. If this question helped your issue please mark this answer by checking the check mark by my answer so other's know that this was answered. Binding Context(Data Set11, "calculatetable") End Sub Public Sub btn Calculate_Click(sender As Object, e As Event Args) Handles btn Calculate. Where it says "YOURUNIQUECOLUMN", this is where you would specify your column that is unique; usually an id column of some sort. @Villager A, it looks like you may be new here at SO.

I want the user to select a row, edit the Ref1 value and I'd just get the (old) Ref No of the selected row, it's new value, and call my SP with those and the Inv No (from a Drop Down that filtered the invoice lines table). Find Control("cb1_TOIL"), Check Box) Dim Col1_Others = CType(Gridview1. Find Control("tb1_Others"), Text Box) Dim Col1_Roster Key = CType(Gridview1. If you want Text Box by Default, you can create any number of Textbox in Item Template.ultimately, you can find control from Row if the control exists in respective template.