Html code for validating username and password

Sometimes a password validation in a form is essential.

You can create a password in different ways, it's structure may be simple, reasonable or strong.

This is what I’ll be taking you through today: See the Pen ftjnv by lawnch (@lawnch) on Code Pen.1507 As per usual, we need to reset browsers styling’s to treat our elements similarly for all users.

This is done by using the CSS wildcard selector: Those with a keen eye may notice the inclusion of “Open Sans” font-family; this isn’t a default font.

This stuff is useful only for a toy or studying how things work, and should never be actually used on a real web-page, and this should be clearly mentioned in the original post.

Next, the match() method of a string object is used to match the said regular expression against the input value. Flowchart : View the example in the browser To validate the said format we use the regular expression ^(?

You must use something else than HTML (for example, PHP), something that only your server has access, and not the user that receives the HTML page.

For this reason, this answer: is useless.

To include this font on your website for use in CSS you need to include it from the Google Font Library.

To do this you simply add the following between your The use of HTML headings on your webpages is very important, not only for the end-user but for bots/spiders such as Googlebot.

Html code for validating username and password