Updating passport with name change

It is important you notify us of any changes to your address or passport details as soon as possible.If you are notifying us of a new name on your passport, you should provide official evidence of the name change, for example certified copies of the name change certificate or marriage certificate.The standard length of the application with Her Majesty's Passport Office is 3 weeks, assuming that your application is submitted correctly the first time and is processed without delay.An urgent service is also available but is subject to your ability to book an appointment with the Passport Office.If you would like to avoid the hassle, you can apply with Rapid British Passports and have it processed on the same day, the next day or in one week's time. Please note, it does not matter that you do not have any documentary evidence of your former name change.

When you update your account online, you won’t be issued a new Global Entry sticker for your passport.

Most centers will accommodate walk ins, without an appointment.

The name in your passport must match the name on your Australian birth certificate, Australian citizenship certificate or previous Australian passport (provided this was issued after 20 August 1986 with at least two years validity), unless you have changed that name through an Australian Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages (RBDM) or the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).

Global Entry members often wonder what effect renewing their passports will have on their membership.

Unfortunately, when you renew a passport, your Global Entry account doesn’t automatically update itself.