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*(accurate birthdate, time and place of birth required at registration) If you are currently in love, you can use this class to help evolve into a more nurturing relationship.If you’re single, you’ll get a real sense of what qualities in a partner will best suit you, and be warned about potentially hurtful paths if you get it wrong.I also add in the Growth Mindset (Carol Dweck) as part of Don’t Be An Asshole.I used to call this talk “Entrepreneurship Fundamental Skills” and the nickname that emerged was “Dating Skills For Engineers”.Counseling and Student Services offers a range of Counseling and Student Services is available to discuss concerns or issues impacting the student personally, academically and professionally.Counseling is confidential except if there is concern of imminent danger to self or others, child/elder abuse, court ordered or otherwise required by law.

Again, this is why a person should not be alone with you. You will make your new friend very uncomfortable, unsafe in fact.We can only meet our natural soulmates by connecting with others.From dating and initial attraction, to falling in love, to self-discovery and real intimacy, and in some cases, finishing up karmic business, this interactive two-hour class just in time for Valentine’s Day, will look at specific planets and areas of the birthchart to give you clues and strategies.I begin with "What Does A Project Look and Feel LIke?" Then I focus on four fundamental personal skills of entrepreneurship – Communicating (Heath Brothers), Listening (Marshal Goldsmith), Helping (Edgar Schein), and Don’t Be An Asshole (Robert Sutton).