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The company stated, On the other hand, Ga-In’s label, Mystic Entertainment, has yet to comment on the situation as they are currently “assessing how to best handle the current situation regarding Ga-In’s shocking confession and resulting involvement in a police investigation”.The couple first confirmed their romantic relationship in May 2014, 4 months after they appeared in Ga-In’s steamy and dramatic solo music video, “F**k U”.As at time of writing, the Seoul Police Narcotics Investigation unit has started investigating the case and will summon Ga-In as a witness to the case.According to X Sports News via Soompi, Joo’s label, Key East Entertainment, has stepped up to address the couple’s alleged break up.Singer Gain of Brown Eyed Girls and Korean actor Ju Ji Hoon have broken up after three years in a relationship.Korean news site Daily Sports reported according to a source, Gain and Ju Ji Hoon have recently separated after going through an on-again-off-again relationship. P was indicted for using marijuana four times together with a female trainee at his home in Seoul.He also won the best actor award during his lifetime.

The last time i saw him in a drama was in 'Goong or Princess Hours' one of the best kdrama for me and my first kactor i adored (sorry song joong ki oppa but u r my first love) hahaha.. I really really like your drama " Mask " and I had never missed any scenes, thank for your abilities of acting. Also, you and soo ae look good together( but she is not your girlfriend ), I wish you would win best couple award. 사랑해 지훈씨 Hi Floreina, Thanks for responding..a time, people here do not respond to each other. I had watch a number of dramas that were very good, only to end in a very sloppy way. Such ways are not doing credits to all the casts especially the leads...although living in someone's identity is not realistic but lets hope it will wrap up nicely...afterall, the name speaks for itself - mask..... He's so good looking that he doesn't even need to try in the photoshoots or elsewhere.

Gain and Ju Ji Hoon admitted their relationship in 2014. The news came after Gain posted on her Instagram account last month that a friend of Ju Ji Hoon named Park Jung Wook offered her illegal drugs. "As most of you are already aware, I'm dating a man who used to be a drug user (Of course, he received all the punishment and now lives his life to the fullest and honestly).

However, even as I am dating Joo Ji Hoon, his friend Park Jung Wook offered me marijuana," she said then, All KPop reported.

During the beginning of his acting he played the role as a crown prince in the year 2006.

He appeared within the TV series princess hours during the time.