Updating opensuse 11 to 11 1

-- pink-banana-fish ------------------------------------------------------------------------ pink-banana-fish's Profile: Basically, you would first just change all the repositories you current have to their 11.1 versions.

Don’t attempt to upgrade directly from open SUSE 12.3 to 13.2. To upgrade open SUSE 12.3 to 13.1, refer the following link.And btw, "zypper dup" and Ya ST "upgrade all newer" will do more than "zypper up", e.g., dup and Ya ST will rationalize package splits (e.g., when a group of packages are replaced by a group comprised of different packages). t=404589 If i were to use the DVD would it have to be a fresh install? -- pink-banana-fish ------------------------------------------------------------------------ pink-banana-fish's Profile: You can do a fresh install which includes of course formatting, but only do this with the root partition.-- mingus725 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ mingus725's Profile: The /home partition is not reformatted; it gets mounted instead.We strongly insist you to backup all important data before starting the upgrade process.Be mindful that if your upgrade process stops unfortunately due to power or Internet failure, you will be resulted with a unstable or broken system.