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- Fixed no pain sounds if an explosion didn’t really hurt the player.Other - Improved shader speed (up to two times faster) for NVidia Geforce FX cards on very high settings - Fixed fog bug with NVidia drivers - Added support for NVidia NV40 chipset - Fixed realtime shadows from blended trees - Made improvements to lighting shaders on very high settings - Fixed bug with lake reflections - Added support fro PS3.0 shader profile ** Mirrors ** Danish users may download from here

Mods usually have their own launchers so if you wish to play mods, use those mod-specific launchers instead. I've been reviewing Duke Nukem 3D maps and mods since April 21st, 1999. The HRP adds hi-res graphics and 3D-models to Duke3D.

If you have the Megaton Edition, playing user-made content via EDuke32 is easy.

All you need is the Duke3file from your folder, then obtain a copy of EDuke32 and put that in the same folder. These maps might use new hi-res graphics or break the old Build limits.

I have the Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition on Steam. It's recommended that you play usermaps and mods via EDuke32 rather than the Megaton Edition.

In fact, many new maps and mods do not even support the old Jonof's port which the Megaton Edition is based on.