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And Amy Laurent is a New York matchmaker who insists she has a heart beneath her brittle exterior.If you're a client and don't toe the line by doing exactly what she advises and never telling her a lie, expect to be sent packing - alone.After a healthy dating life, Julia wants a husband now, but after seeing what she does with the poor Craigslist schmo, any guy watching the show would be well advised to look for a relationship without this kind of heavy lifting.Amy wants to settle down and match herself, for a change, to the man of her adorable New York City based Amy Laurent is a book that offers tips that every women should already know, and that are just plain common sense.The problem is most people often forget how to act after the throes of new love or lust, or meeting someone they really like a lot.She shows women how to be in charge since your behavior sets the tone of a new relationship.Tips she includes are how to stay out of the texting trap.

Amy Laurent, professional matchmaker and star of the Bravo reality show “Miss Advised,” shares with us how to get and keep the guy you want in the first eight weeks.

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She was in Chicago for a long time, but in Monday's premiere episode of "Miss Advised," she moves to Los Angeles because Midwestern men get married too young, making them unavailable as dating fodder.

Bravo's new series "Miss Advised" proves that being a matchmaker doesn't make dating any easier.

The show follows three of cupid's helpers through their own personal struggle to find Mr. We snagged a moment with one of the show's matchmakers Amy Laurent, who admits she's "much better in the matchmaking chair helping others." Watch to hear about what she thinks about this season and what women can learn from her own dating endeavors.