Updating astro spectra flashcode

If anyone knows if that actually adds "IMBE digital operation" let me know! At least in the 800 MHz versions that have filtered thru my desk for programming. (It will cost money tho) On the ASTRO 25 series of radios, which is yours, I believe a firmware upgrade might do it.(Otherwise that may have to be flashed supplement to the firmware upgrade) I have a friend who took an MT 1500 and "dirty flashed" it to add P25, so I do know it can be done. (I could be wrong) Some people may correct me if I'm wrong, but I know you can "dirty flash" the radio, which will upgrade the firmware.I still feed my radio need, on a regular basis, with one of my long-time favorite pass-times: Scanning.One of my favorite activities is listening to local public safety agencies, such as police and fire.This statement has been added because a ham (K1DMR), filed a lawsuit in 2015 because his access to NCPRN was restricted due to his (alleged) commercial/business related use of their network and repeaters.Chuck W4CLL Recall Petition for the ARRL Southeastern Division Director is under way.Each unit will do only a portion of that band's frequency spread, and that portion is called a "split", a "bandsplit" or a "range".

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For more information scroll down to the section titled "Splits / Ranges".

Motorola Flash Programming Primer Typically, if your not the original owner of the radio (meaning you bought it new from a dealer) Motorola doesn't like to sell flash upgrades. They should be able to order the proper flash upgrade for you.

If you are the original owner, your fine, just talk to your local dealer about the upgrade. If they can't or don't understand what you want, call Jeff at Sandy's Communications. You may want to check out batlabs to get the skinny on flashing.

If you buy the wrong range radio for your application (for example a 403-433 MHz and you want to use it on 440-450 MHz amateur frequencies, or a 482-512 MHz radio for GMRS) it just won't work and you will have a nice doorstop.

Despite what you see on e Bay there is not (and never was) a 406-440 MHz range.