Avast not updating automatically

Typically you see these pop-ups notifications every day.

If you’re using Avast antivirus on your Computer you should know that Avast offers three types of updates to keep you secure, off these you already knew about virus definition updates and Program update.

Virus Definitions are released daily and programs updates released on weekly or monthly basis whenever new bugs are fixed, improvements made and if new features any added.

And Streaming Updates introduced in Avast 7 which are enabled by default with cloud technology pushed by Avast to users whenever new threats were detected in their lab.

So if a new version is available, update the Engine and Virus Definitions (VPS) instantly.

Outdated applications, like Java, are a typical way how hackers can get access to your computer.

Automatic update is one of the important features in Antivirus software like Avast Free Antivirus. But for the safety of your own system and data, don’t forget to update manually.

Automatic update ensures better protection from new threats and without them your computer might become more vulnerable to virus and malware.

Manual mode is used in Avast Free Antivirus, Avast Pro Antivirus, and Avast Internet Security.

It means you have to click on each software and perform an update.