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To fully explain why I’m even writing about this, I have to start at the beginning of my time spent as a member of the media at Phoenix Comicon.

Busy Life of Bar Prep I’ve never said that I was graceful or eloquent, and it becomes more apparent when I exist in a state of stress.

Here is your simple guide to Phoenix Comicon: This classic American grill has been artfully serving quality steaks, Fresh and innovative seafood since 1983.

Enjoy a daily lunch, dinner or perhaps a special business or romantic occasion in our warm and inviting dining room.

This burn-in effect can result in visions of horrible creatures, relatives, ex girlfriends, The Goatman, et cetera.

It’s like looking up at the sky and picking out shapes in the clouds – except in this scenario, it’s your brain and hardwired perception of past visual memory plucking horrors and other things out of thin air.

The Troxler Effect, or Troxler’s Fading, occurs when your brain gets sick of staring at the same thing.I try to be careful not to stay up too late and whenever I feel stress taking a hold of me, I try to shake it off with a deep breath and think “I got this.” Hurray for Phoenix Comicon Thankfully, I got a respite from studying this past weekend at Phoenix Comicon where I spoke on two panels: Comic Creator Rights and Copyright and Fan Art/Fiction.Can you believe it’s almost that time of year again?Kincaid’s 2 South 3rd Street Phoenix, AZ 85004 (602) 340-0000 The Arrogant Butcher is located vary close to the Phoenix Convention Center, and is your go-to place for happy-hour.The fresh baked pretzels with fontina fondue come very highly recommended, with an amazing 53 mentions on Yelp.