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Canada’s Speed Dating and singles event Service,, has been the facilitator for countless marriages, relationships and love matches.

25brings professional singles together by combining the ease and practicality of internet dating with the essential human ingredient of a face-to-face encounter at their singles events in Toronto, Mississauga, Vancouver, Ottawa and Calgary. In one night, you will sit down, one on one for up to 25 three minute dates (regular events) You will decide who you like, and who you would like to see again. Now we all know there’s nothing without mutual chemistry, so the 25 people you talk to will also be deciding if they want to see you again.

With help from Speed Dater, you won¡¯t be single for long.

"25is Canada's largest, most effective, & longest running speed dating & singles events service, serving Canadians since 2002.

25does not guarantee that any participant will successfully receive a match at our events.

In addition to countless happy case studies, more than 75% of participants find at least one match, a number that has caught the eye of myriad press outlets.We are responsible only for exchanging contact information between you and your matches. When buying a gift certificate for someone 25will send the gift certificate to the recipient on the day you noted, to the e-mail address you noted. Please confirm with the recipient as 25is not responsible for the receiver not checking e-mail and confirming in time or the receiver not receiving the gift certificate due to the e-mail address that was provided being incorrect, or due to technical problems. By signing up for Match Profiles, 25agrees to allow ONLY your matches to view the information contained in your profile.You hereby understand and acknowledge that by using this web site and participating in Match Profiles, that the Match Profiles information provided by you will be available to the participants you match with. Match Profiles are only filled in by the participant themselves. 25has the right to refuse a profile if it contains language or photos that 25deems defamatory, obscene, inflammatory, indecent, or threatening in any way. 25has the right to edit a profile for use of improper spelling or grammar. The content of this web site, including trademarks, logos and copyrights are owned by solely by 25You may not use any of the intellectual property, in any way, without written permission of 25 As a visitor/user of this website, you agree to release 25(Company), and/or any sponsors or regions of any and all liability. Any material viewed, and any feature utilized on this site is at your (the user's) discretion, and none of the parties involved with the production, development, or operation of this site will be held liable. You agree that any personal information submitted by you (the user) to the Company is truthful and lawful. The Company is not responsible for the content of any linked sites and the inclusion of any link does not imply any endorsement of that linked site. By participating in any 25related event, you are giving permission for us to forward your email address to your mutual "matches" (any participants whom you choose and who also choose you). We will not forward your email address to any other people in attendance at the event, without your prior permission. Your participation in 25is at your own risk and you agree to waive any and all liability against, the venue that the event is held at, any sponsors associated with the event or the Company, and/or all staff members associated with 25 25does not screen participants, and you agree to release 25from any liability and assume the risk and full responsibility regarding any person you meet at a 25event.