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The importance of verifying an individual's age cannot be understated when it comes to the sale of products that are intended only for adult consumption.Companies cannot afford to make a mistake when selling such products.“While online dating has gone mainstream, safety concerns still remain when using these applications.The spammers use this legitimate concern to convince users to verify themselves and trick them into thinking verification will lead to a date.” The spambot will then provide a link to one of at least 13 different “Tinder Safe Dating” sites which claim that if the victim verifies their account for free they’ll be given the contact details of a woman pictured wearing lingerie.Craigs Friend finder is one of the Get Verified scams tied to Craigs List. It is the unfortunately all too typical get verified scam.

While the Internet can be a great source of revenue for companies, it can also pose additional risk – simply because online and face-to-face transactions must be validated in different ways.

You can’t run a background check on every person you interact with online, but you can take some steps to protect yourself…Although you may not be 100% certain of how old the person you are communicating with actually is, asking his or her age is a good place to start.

Security experts are warning of a new scam on Tinder designed to lure users onto sites in the name of online safety, where they’re tricked into handing over their credit card details.

Age: 13-19 (those under 18 with parental consent) In-App Purchases: Yes Contains Ads: Yes This app is listed for ages 13-19.

However, I want to note both the i OS and Android stores have the app rated for ages 17 and up.