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Those accessories are definitely great, helpful, and totally necessary, but there are other things you need too that you probably didn’t even know about – charging holders, stations, and desk docks to name a few.I mean, why sit your precious phone on it’s back on a desk or table when you could keep it upright where it’s easier to see, right?His sister Kiki Stonebraker said the charger was not out of the ordinary for her brother, who is keen on technology. He’s always built things, he’s always taking things apart, she said.“Growing up with him, that stuff was laying around our house all the time.” The incident recalls the case of Ahmed Mohamed, the student whose homemade clock was also mistaken for a bomb by teachers at his Texas high school in 2015.I don't want her to feel the shame of knowing I know. You need to sit her down, tell her what you saw, and discuss what to do next.But even worse, I don't want her to feel the shame of the entire world knowing if one of these boys decides to be an ass. If she were in a serious relationship, I could understand her having sex, but it's the sending of pictures that really has me bothered. Read this sexting horror story and then show it to your daughter.Like many tech-addicted Americans, 32-year-old Wiley Day sleeps with his cellphone charging in his bed. He says that the cellphone loosened from an extension cord and the dog tag he was wearing slipped in the cracks and started conducting electricity.On a recent Wednesday night, he fell asleep with the phone nearby but was woken by a jolt that through him from his bed. Wiley managed to rip the necklace off but not before suffering second and third-degree burns to his neck and hands.

Should I pretend I never saw it but somehow subtly offer some advice about the dangers of sexting?Doctors say he is expected to recover but that could have died. 'Electrocution kills.'After the brush with death, Day says he's going to stop sleeping in bed with his phone. Dr Benjamin Fail said that 100 volts can kill a person and Day was hit with 110. The chat will resume Tuesday after Labor Day, Sept. Dear Prudence, I have a beautiful, awesome 17-year-old daughter.She does well in school and she doesn't get into trouble.