Gentoo config files in etc need updating How to get chatrandom girls only

The portage automatically updates the symbolic link, but you must manually configure the symlink flag in the /etc/configuration file..Alternatively, it is possible to use the app-admin/eselect package to change the symbolic link.The Gentoo main tree provides you with high quality ebuilds that are all maintained by Gentoo developers.This will not be the case for most of the overlays you can get by using .

Gentoo is primarily a source-code based Linux distribution.

Realizing this, I thought that perhaps a more flexible script could be written to just prompt you as to what to do next.

Then I realized that I had incidentally written such a script on a piece of paper in the form of these notes.

When I was installing Gentoo the first few times, I had the feeling that the procedure could be wrapped up in a script. If the procedure is simplified and automated, then you will inevitability suffer a limitation of possibilities.

Gentoo tries hard to avoid the least common denominator effect by making you do everything explicitly.

Gentoo config files in etc need updating