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Of the next four Dynasties, the Twenty-second to the Twenty-fifth inclusive, very little is known, except that during part of the time the country was under the domination first by the Ethiopians and later of the Assyrians.In the Twenty-sixth Dynasty there was a revival of independence and prosperity, which was followed by the Persian conquest and the period from the Twenty-seventh Dynasty to the Thirtieth Dynasty inclusive was one of Persian domination, except for brief intervals when the Egyptians gained temporary independence.740) Peftjauabastet Nefer-ka-re (c.740725) Thutemhat (ca. Bed bugs have been a household pest issue for more than 3,300 years, dating back to ancient Egypt.Several factors led to the resurgence of bed bugs beginning in the late 1990's; increased international travel, more targeted pest control products and methods and a lack of public awareness about pest prevention methods.[N] [T] [E] [H] [S]One of the great powers of the ancient Near East, Egypt dominated the international stage during the prestate life of Israel.They were first brought to the United States by early colonists, where they thrived for many decades.However, by the 1950's, bed bugs had been all but eradicated in the developed world, thanks to the availability of new pest control products, coupled with the widespread use of vacuums and washing machines which helped to control the spread of infestations in living spaces.

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The period from the Seventh Dynasty to the Tenth Dynasty inclusive was one of internal conflict and is very obscure. The Eleventh and Twelfth Dynasties constitute the Middle Kingdom or Feudal Age, a time of great prosperity.

It is universally agreed, however, that in technical arts Egyptian workers pointed the way to the rest of the world, and it is to them that all must turn for the first discovery of those facts that made science possible. The historical period is divided for the sake of convenience into thirty Dynasties, each of which corresponds to a different royal House.

So little is known about the first two Dynasties that they are frequently either classed together as Protodynastic, or grouped with the late Pre dynastic period, the whole being called Archaic.

Pharaohs are missing or have been left out above all in the lists of the Early and the intermediate Periods.

All the dates until the Late Period should be taken with a grain of salt, some think a good deal more than just a grain. According to research done by Michael Dee and others of the Research Laboratory for Archaeology of Oxford University in 2013 using carbon dating, the accession to the throne of Pharaoh Aha should, with a probability of 68 percent, be dated to a time between 31.