Observablecollection not updating

Whenever I add an item to this collection, it /does/ fire an event to notify that the collection has changed, yet this isn't reflected on the GUI during run-time unless I attempt to manually resize the window as the program is running, almost as if a resizing the window forces the GUI to refresh.

The XAML for the relevant control is as follows _log Window; In the View Model constructor I initialize _log Window and wire up Log Window Collection Changed event to a handler which in turn fires a Property Changed notification. Add happens, my event listener fires and my breakpoint is hit to confirm the code gets that far as illustrated below After this my code calls the On Property Changed function which is inherited from my View Model Base, this functions fine for my other GUI elements such as labels and the like, so that almost certainly isn't the issue.

Sorry to bring up this old thread, however it is close to my issue.

I have a List Box that is databound to a Collection View Source (for Grouping) that is data bound to an Observable Collection, as shown below: The Person class is a simple class with a few properties.

Should this be working Pat One of my first hunches is that you are bound to the uninitialized parts member.

You should consider implementing INotify Property Changed on your Car class and exposing parts as a Property.

I would like it to update the grid after each file it finds. In the setter you should fire off a Property Changed event to inform the binding subsystem that it should rebind to the property.This ensures that if you provide a new collection for the Parts property, it will rebind (Observable Collection will handle the rest, like notifying when a part is added or removed from the collection).Today, in Code Project, a poster asked a question about the best way to insert multiple items in Observable Collection as a bulk insert.The poster wondered why it was taking so long to add records doing an Add for each item in the collection. NET collections, there’s an Add Range method that allows you to add multiple items in “one hit”, so why isn’t there one in Observable Collection?