Dating guy with baby

Over dinner he let me know pretty much straight away that he is expecting a baby with his ex girlfriend who is due in october.

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It seems petty considering that baby mamas and daddies have become the norm; but the fears associated with it are real and shouldn’t be belittled.

If you completely believe he is being honest when he says this, then yes. In my eyes, its only like dating a single father, which I have no problems with and have done myself If you think you could be happy together then I'd definitely go for it if you believe the above is true.

Good luck xx He has assured me that him and their mother are over and with no chance of reconciliation and that they are both in agreement that the only relationship they will have will be that of co parents.

His sex drive would put Usher’s raunchy lyrics to shame.

On paper, he’s the closest thing to perfect you’ll experience.