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With the second picture, I used omnis ring to simulate ambiant or indirect lights like ground or sky and a Direct Light for the sun.For the two pictures, all components rendered in passes and composited with Photoshop 7.0 An out-of-this-world featurette, Croating Th E Futur E, that explores how science fiction and the series have influenced each other. Since his stake in the future of the World of Tomorrow is different, so is his answer.

Price Total Enclosed S If You Do Not Want To Cut Out Coupon, We Will Accept Written Orders, Please print neatly. " Flrefiys Alan Tudyk confesses his own heavy metal soul 26 FASHIONS OF THE FUTURE Making a film tomorrow, they still need something to wear today 28 ARMS OF DR. Angel veterans Jeffrey Bell and Drew Goddard have joined the writing staff. "We're under the wing of Paramount, which is a great home to be at," Law says.

Besson is probably best known to wider audiences as the creator of The Fifth Element, the special effects filled Bruce Willis blockbuster, though I have been a fan of his since his earlier French pictures Subway, The Big Blue and La Femme Nikita.

When Arthur was announced – as the biggest animated undertaking in French movie history – opinions were split on whether this would be some groundbreaking new direction for animation, or if it would just be the result of another live-action director packing up his cameras for the safer, warmer climes of the computer studio.

(Max displacement is not very fast to pre-calculate and take lot of RAM :annoyed: but it's work fine at last) I used Painter 7 for textures too with a Wacom Intuos 2.

size pictures here : Metropolis the classic movie or the anime ? I you have some pictures of the anime robot i'm happy to see it. Infogrames, ils recherchent personnes, t'as pas un plan de job l ? :beer: Superbe illustre michel, franchement, reussir a rendre sexy un tas de boulons....