Alexa vanity cam show

Anyways, a lot of people are clowning this thing today, probably because it’s not for them. But, if you are ready to be the fashion god(dess), hit up that link below to request an invite.

Chase: Dashcam footage has emerged which shows police following a 13-year-old boy in a dramatic high-speed car chase.

”) to make sure your outfit is on point before heading out for the day.

It’s also a tool for cataloging outfits, getting a 360-degree view of your outfit, sharing outfits with your favorite social networks, and asking for help in styling (the Echo Look app will try actually try to use fashion experts and an algorithm to tell you which outfit to wear). Again, this isn’t for the fashionless bro-dogs who hang out here and nerd out over 3rd part launchers and Tasker recipes.

That’s more than the original Echo, or 0 more than the Echo Dot.

With 5.2 million units sold in 2016, Echo has been a resounding success.

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Given that this is an Echo device, it’s also capable performing the usual tasks like checking on stocks, weather, accessing Amazon Music or tapping into your smart home devices (i.e.

smart switches, thermostats, garage door openers, etc.).

Amazon touts it as a device for viewing security cameras, watching You Tube videos, and making video calls.

This puts Echo Show dangerously close to the internet appliance category, essentially a barren wasteland littered with the corpses of previous devices.