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Mainly focused on just getting the date, so ignores anything remotely sexual so as not to scare the girl away.But it also misses opportunities to build sexual tension before you meet, which can result in dates that lead to getting intimate with the girl faster.

And this is to important because sometimes the way to start a “real” relationship does not go through a casual phase. Be honest Now, this is one of those things where you have to be able to read the situation a little bit. Let me tell you, a woman WILL know if you’re lying, and that just makes you look weak. However, being “honest” depends a little bit on the definition as well.Gives you all the pieces you need, but doesn't show an example of a complete profile and sequence of message exchanges that led to arranging a date.Probably the most detailed product on the market about online dating.Cold Approach pickup might be equally tedious with the numbers of face to face rejections.However the realness of the initial human interaction might be preferred.