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Specialising in Adult fetishes we love what your into and are looking forward to your call.We encourage you to take pride in your sexuality and feel good about yourself.But just as the likes of Maye and These wonder who still plunks down 50 cents — yes, the cost has doubled in the past decade — to make a call, pay phone operators and trade associations insist pay phones are used and serve an invaluable public function."The best numbers we have I think underestimate the number of households in America that have no phone at all," said Randy Nichols, president of the American Public Communications Council."If somebody doesn't have a phone, the only place they can make a call is the pay phone."According to the U. Census Bureau, nearly 3 million households in the country do not have access to either a landline or cellphone.Pay phones in the United States numbered 243,487 at the end of last year, the most recent figures available from the Federal Communications Commission.Ten years earlier, more than 1.7 million were installed across the country with more than 2 million at the turn of the century, according to the FCC.

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— For pay phones here and everywhere else in America, the dial tone is flat lining. — For pay phones here and everywhere else in America, the dial tone is flat lining.

"I tried to use a pay phone once, but it didn't work, I didn't know how to use it."Advancements in mobile communications technology and reductions in price have put the pay phone on the endangered species list, and the latest figures show how quickly they are vanishing.

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