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Prosecutors and sexual assault investigators work very hard to obtain convictions in Wisconsin sex crimes cases, and frequently may violate the constitutional rights of someone under investigation for a rape or sexual assault type offense in order to achieve the outcome they want.

You need a knowledgeable Milwaukee sex crime lawyer who will work just as hard to protect your rights and help you obtain a successful outcome.

It happens due to the features of character or negative experiences of the past.

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Frequently people make false allegations out of fear or due to pressure from peers or police.

For the falsely accused of a sex crime, it is crucial to get legal assistance right away.

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We have the training and experience to know when your rights have been violated, and in many cases can litigate to have evidence ruled inadmissible as a result of a violation of your constitutional rights.

Addicted to cocaine, Rios, 46, fed her habit through sex and escort services with men on the south side of Milwaukee. Childhood sexual trauma led to drug abuse as a teenager while searching for love, she said.

While telling her story to a Gannett Wisconsin Media reporter at a shelter for women in Marshfield, Shirley's House of Hope, Rios maintained her composure until she admitted to leaving her toddlers home alone during the night for sex and drugs."Can you imagine that? Rios became caught in the clutches of men who said they loved her and would care for her as long as she made money through the sex trade."Women don't decide one day to be prostitutes; they were trafficked and introduced to it, often, through drugs," said Jane Graham Jennings, the director of The Women's Community, a Wausau shelter for victims of abuse.

Court records show one boy was forced to wear a diaper and given a pacifier to muffle his screams.

What would you do if someone launched fireworks toward you at your workplace? The firework left a 7-inch hole near the base of the restaurant's wall in Deerfield Beach, Florida.