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model, which has since become the most recognizable Duofold color.

Originally the pen was made from hard rubber, but in 1926 Parker plastic models.

Jim Marshall, expounds truths that will improve your quality of life, this time on "Everything an owner and user needs to know about buying, using, cleaning, testing, adjustments and repairs" of Parker 51s. Marshall of The Pen & Pencil Gallery is the author of many books on writing equipment and co-author of the definitive book on pen repair and several other writing equipment related books which are listed on our BOOKS page. Nib is gold colored, but I can't tell if it is solid 14K, as the shells are glued onto these and don't open. No dents or dings on the cap, no scratches on the acrylic. These are a rare exception and you'll be hard pressed to find a nicer set. ITEM #4519: PARKER 51 BLACK / LUSTRALOY BALLPOINT / STANDARD SIZE AEROMETRIC FOUNTAIN PEN SET. Comes in very clean un-numbered clam shell leatherette Parker box. ITEM #4439: A STANDARD SIZED AEROMETRIC FANTASY 51 WITH STUNNING BLACK W/ YELLOW STRING ACRYLIC BY ARIEL KULLOCK. ITEM #4069: PARKER 51 PLUM AEROMETRIC BOXED SET WITH DEMI SIZE PEN AND GOLD FILLED CAPS. This standard sized set has 14K caps, clips, tassie and pencil tip.

0 ITEM #P51 DVD: Once again, our Guru from up on the mountain top, Dr. A beautifull, shiny 51 with a Meium nib and a " '50' " date code. ITEM #5015: ROLLED SILVER PARKER 51 BALLPOINT & PENCIL SET IN BURGUNDY. The twist pencil uses .036" (.9mm) leads and the mechanism works well; the ballpoint has a metal thread adapter on the barrel. Made in England, as are all the rolled silver Parkers. It uses a Parker clip, jewel, bushing, Parker 14K wide Medium nib and a Parker feed, clutch, ring,and filling unit. usually these caps are unevenly discolored and cannot be polished because the sterling has a rhodium layer on top of it that is very hard to work with and it doesn't age/wear well. Both pieces are still wrapped in (un-cracked) cellophane, having been carefully removed for photographing the pieces and then re-packaged. Very, very near mint condition in an extremely clean presentation box #244.

The Demi sized fountain pen has a Medium 14K nib and has never been inked, however, someone has scribbled on the "SMART SET" pamphlet sing something like a Liquid Lead pencil. I haven't changed the filling unit or the jewels, and I bought this set at an estate sale, appearing to be unused, so I believe this set came from Parker this way, with mixed parts from two versions of the 51.

The box is very clean, inside and out, but the sprimng is sprung.

The first year Parker 51 pens are double jewelled, having aluminium jewels on the cap and the blind cap.

George Safford Parker, who worked as a teacher of telegraphy, supplemented its income with the trade in fountain pens.

Parker 51 Pens for Sale The Parker 51 pen was launched in 1941, was very popular through out its production, and can still claim the highest sales volume of any fountain pen.

Its production spanned from 1941 to the early 1970s.

Parker is one of the few American historical fountain pens brand remained continuously active to this day.

The Parker Pen Company was founded by George Safford Parker in 1888 in Janesville, Wisconsin.