This arbitrary conduct did not succeed in intimidating the other Councillors.

may intimidate the human race into bringing order into its international affairs" (Albert Einstein).

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As to intimidating me, or changing my course, the thing cannot be done.

Every thing had been done by the Indians to render this show as intimidating as possible.

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However, there are times when it's absolutely necessary to scare people off a little bit and to assert yourself.Browbeat suggests the persistent application of highhanded, disdainful, or imperious tactics: browbeating a witness.Cow implies bringing out an abject state of timorousness and often demoralization: a dog that was cowed by abuse.One of the biggest is noise – guns are loud, and even suppressed firearms are fairly noisy.Shooting an unsuppressed firearm can cause severe hearing damage, give away your location to an imminent threat, or scare away wild game that you are trying to hunt.